Monday, February 14, 2011

After the Storm

20090608-4299_CRS2009-buttes, originally uploaded by cultr.sun.
June 8, 2009

A fierce hailstorm descended upon me as I was setting up to shoot these sandstone monuments. I took shelter under an outcrop, wondering where all the Pronghorn I saw on my way in were taking their shelter. As soon as I could finish pondering the storm stopped and gave me these amazing clouds to work with.

Unfortunately I was still a little too smitten with HDRi to produce realistic results, but the impact is still about the same. The most amazing scene unfolded with the sky turning a dark shade of purple as they hastened away from me.

This viewpoint is about the same as one of the very first photographs from the area. Check it out on wikipedia. The rock in the foreground is known as Dial Rock.

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