Tuesday, February 8, 2011


20080525-2198_crs-bside, originally uploaded by cultr.sun.
In an earlier post I received a comment about the joy of urbex, and that thought has stuck with me through the night and into this morning. I haven't been on an urbex expedition for a good while. The thrill of urbex for me is that there is not really time to setup and compose. In my experience it's more about running around like crazy, looking for good shots, and moving on as soon as you've taken one. It's about the adrenaline rush of being somewhere you're not supposed to and capturing moments that many people have never seen.

I really enjoyed the DIY steel wool guide I wrote over the weekend and have received a great response to it, so I might write a little urbex tricks & tips guide for the upcoming weekend. Cheers!



  1. Urban exploration sounds fun and interesting. i look forward to more info

  2. sweet photo, awesome graffiti also

  3. Even though most graffiti is just a horrible expression of someone this is very good.

  4. This graffiti is great. Waiting for more photos :)