Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Silky Smooth

Little Laramie River at night

One lovely evening down on the river during spring runoff. I waited until well after dark to start shooting, I believe this was a 20 or maybe even 30 second exposure.

A lot of dodge and burn also went into this photo. It was one of the first shots where I really started to understand how to use those tools properly, and to pay attention to the natural "flow" of the light on an image in order to best bring out its qualities.

The North Fork of the Little Laramie River begins at some of the highest reaches of the Snowy Range in Wyoming and runs East down the range, past the town of Centennial to the Little Laramie, and from there empties into the Laramie River. This shot was about halfway down the Snowy Range.

One of the most beautiful roads in all the world is the Snowy Range Highway 130 between Centennial and Saratoga. If you are ever on a roadtrip on I-80 take a little extra time and take this route, you won't be disappointed... as long as its Summer/Fall and the road is open, of course.


  1. damn thats so cool. i always wondered how people made those kinds of photos. is it just a really slow shutter speed or something?

  2. WOW That photo is incredible! Looks like it came out of a fantasy movie.

  3. @trippinkets Ya this requires a tripod to keep everything stable, and a reallllly slow shutter speed. This one was 30 seconds I think.

  4. im so amazed by your photos all the time
    i'm now your follower too thanks for your support :)

  5. Awesome photo, looks like smoke :)