Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

I had an incredibly visual dream last night about a very visceral experience in Yellowstone National Park. I was with a large group of family and friends, sitting in a white van when both grizzly bears AND elk were attacking the side of the van. Suddenly the bear noticed an elk next to him and started attacking the elk, but the elk was so transfixed on us that it didn't move. We drove away slowly, the elk following our pace, and the bear hot on the elk's hooves.

Mom and cubsBears. Beets...

Once we realized the brevity of the situation we gunned the van down the road, my father at the wheel (and the very last person to drive with haste and disregard for safety). We reached a turn and dad whips the van around and guns it straight into the middle of a lake. He then does one more 180 degree turn, lodging us into some kind of sandbar or similar, and that is our camp site for the night. We climb out -- the lake is surprisingly shallow -- and witness a stampede of animals of all species running down the road we were just on. It was an amazing sight, and incredible confusing. We would soon know, however, the reason for the wildlife's quick retreat.

Some nice flora in YNP.

We would camp there that night, right in the middle of the lake, seemingly invincible to the obvious perils of sleeping in a few feet of water. The next morning we woke to the sound of thunder and fury, as dozens -- nay, hundreds of college students from a nearby state college descended upon Yellowstone National Park with all the fervor of a winning football game. I feel like they brought panes of glass with them so they could break them upon every surface they could find. One particularly meaty student lumbered right up to me with a look of disapproval (yes, the look of disapproval) because I was not wearing school colors. Before he could decide what to do with me I introduced myself with a smile and he lumbered off. Everywhere these students were destroying the flora which I was so deeply in love with. It was a terrifying sight.

Bison morning
Can you imagine this guy being scared of some crazy college students?

Not much happened later that I can recall, I know I was at the ranger station looking for a flashlight, but that's about it. A harrowing experience is what I woke up with this morning. Since its on my mind I decided to put some pictures up from YNP for today's post. Dreams can be harbingers for incredible change and through all the turmoil of last night's dream I hope there were some seeds of change being planted.

Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Prismatic Spring, and just another reason this is one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth.


  1. OMG, the las one is kicking-ass beautiful *_*

  2. sounds like an interesting dream. and i really enjoyed the photos.